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*The Lab will be closed on Wednesday 04/24/24 in observance of Genocide Remembrance Day.

*The Lab be closed on Monday 05/27/24 in observance of Memorial Day.

   The Lab will be open for the Spring 2024 Term (February 05 - June 03): 

   Monday through Thursday, 7am - 7:15pm and Friday, 7am - 4pm
  • 关于 - The lab is located in the 图书馆 and 学术资源中心 (LARC), Room 234, on the second floor, above the library. As one of the four areas that make up the 学术资源中心, the Computer Commons is an open computer lab, designed to support Valley College students’ academic needs. The lab offers a wide variety of software (Final Draft 13, Photoshop etc.), 互联网接入, 印刷, 扫描, 复制服务, 两个小组自习室, and a dedicated support staff at the Help Desk.
  • 设备 - The lab has 98 computers with Windows 10, and two iMac stations. There are two printers available in the lab. One prints, both BW and Color while the other prints B&W只. 有线耳机和有线耳塞, flash drives and white board markers can be borrowed with your student ID card. A high resolution scanner is also available for use in the lab.
  • 印刷- - - - - - Through the internet, you can use this 网站 上传文件到我们的打印队列.
    • Your files will be printable from the kiosks in both our lab, 以及从图书馆, 24小时. The prices for 印刷 is 10¢ for B/W and 25¢ for Color.
    •   Bills, coins, credit, debit, ApplePay, and Android Pay are all accepted forms of Payment.
      • 请注意,将会有一个 预授权费用$10.00 if you use Credit/Debit Card, Apple and Android Pay. Depending on your bank, you should be refunded in approximately 1-3 business days.
    • Associated Student Union members can print up-to 30 p年龄s for 免费在学生会. 请与 ASU for more information:                 Call 818-778-5517 Or Visit the ASU on the second Floor of the Student Union Building.
  • 政策 - 使用计算机共享资源, students must be enrolled at LAVC for the current semester and have an LACCD student email address. Food and drink are not allowed in the lab. 孩子ren are not permitted entry to the Computer Commons lab, but the LAVC家庭资源中心 does allow children with their LAVC student-parents at their 儿童友好学习室, where they have four Mac computers with a printer. 查看他们的网站了解详情.
  • 援助 - Dedicated Computer Commons Help Desk staff are available to assist students with the use of computers, 印刷, 扫描, 以及学术软件. The Help Desk staff are not allowed to tutor students, 协助个人事务, 与大学无关的业务, or handle students' personal devices or belongings.
  • 就业 - If you're interested in joining our staff as a 学生工作者,志愿者 或者通过 联邦工作学习计划, you can contact Rob or Sean by calling 818-778-5725, emailing cclab@lavc.Edu,或者去实验室看看. 你也可以 使用此申请提交表格.
  • 写作中心 2nd Floor of the 图书馆 and 学术资源中心, (LARC) Room 224)
    • Tutoring is currently available remotely through Canvas.
  • 多种学科辅导 以前被称为一般辅导. 2nd Floor of the 图书馆 and 学术资源中心, (LARC) Room 213
    • Offers tutoring in most academic subjects.
    • Tutoring is currently available remotely through Canvas.
  • 数学实验室 2nd Floor of the 图书馆 and 学术资源中心, (LARC) Room 220
    • 提供数学辅导.
    • Tutoring is currently available remotely through Canvas.
    • 图书馆 and 学术资源中心, (LARC) Room 220
  • MESA - Math Engineering, Science Achievement 
    • Support for students transferring to a 4-year university as a STEM major.
    • 工作坊,指导,奖学金 & internships, tutoring center, STEM Organizations: STEM CLUB & SACNAS等等.
    • 获得STEM咨询服务, 大学申请协助, 面向行业的网络, 还有一个闲逛的地方! 229房间
  • 图书馆 (LARC)一楼.
    • Study Rooms Available (Must have 2 people to check-in, if you need to check into a study room by yourself, the Computer Commons and 研究休息室 have rooms available to check in as 1-person.)
  • 研究休息室 2nd Floor of the 图书馆 and 学术资源中心, (LARC) Room 226
    • A comfortable space to study with whiteboards, 供应, 游戏, 谜题, and to find more information about ARC tutoring and other services on campus.
    • It's a place to connect with other students and build community. You can bring your drinks and snacks. 快来加入我们吧!
  • 学生服务部
    • 学生服务 is the division of the College involved with student development outside of the confines of the classroom.
    • 学生服务中心大楼
  • 虚拟谷帮助台
    • For technical help accessing online classes.
    • 图书馆 and 学术资源中心, (LARC) Room 232

If you're interested in becoming a tutor for the 学术资源中心, 点击这里. To be able to view and apply for Co-op Jobs and create a College Central Network account, 点击这里.




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图书馆 and 学术资源中心 (LARC), Room 234, on the second floor above the library.

Spring 2024 Term (February 05 - June 03):